Jul, 28


Avoid Annoying Summer Bugs With This Safe, Natural Recipe!


Summer is the perfect time to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, and exercise in the warm weather, but a fun adventure outdoors can quickly turn into a frustrating day if you are constantly pestered by flies, mosquitos, or other insects.

Many people would choose not to reach for chemically-laden insect repellents; while these are generally recognized as safe, many would wish for a more natural alternative. Fortunately, there are a variety of essential oils that have excellent insect-repelling properties!

Essential oils come with a variety of health benefits; among those benefits are that essential oils both smell great and are safe for your skin. The best part is that they are easy to use keep insects away with this simple recipe.


4 oz witch hazel
4 oz distilled water
10 drops of citronella
10 drops of lavender
10 drops of peppermint
10 drops of eucalyptus


Mix witch hazel and distilled water together in an 8 oz spritzer, then add in drops of essential oils. Shake well, and immediately spritz onto your skin. Shake well before every use; the oils and water will naturally separate.

(Note: You can mix, add, or substitute any of the essential oils; the ones listed in the recipe are known to have excellent insect repellent properties. This is intended for external use only. Avoid spraying on wounds, sensitive areas, and irritated skin. Not for human consumption)


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