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Foods that Detox Heavy Metals



We live in a chemically-laden world. For all the wonders and conveniences of modern chemistry and the industrialized world in which we live, these things have come with their share of consequences, among them threats to our health. One of the risks that we live with in the modern world is the risk of exposure to heavy metals. When we talk about heavy metals, we are referring to metals such as aluminum, cadmium, mercury, lead and silver, among others.

These substances can find their way into our body via our food, the air we breathe, and the products in our home. (Think, canned food and beverages, deodorant, etc.) Others are used in––or are the result of––industrial processes, and find their way into our ecosystem, particularly the oceans. Once in our ecosystem, they work their way into the food chain from the bottom up. Others are common components of dental fillings. Knowing this, we all likely have some exposure to heavy metals on a semi-regular basis.

Mainstream medical science has long confirmed these substances to be toxic. Metals such as lead and mercury are known to have deleterious effects, particularly in children, and over the years, legislation has been introduced for the purpose of reducing exposure to these metals as much as possible. And while heavy metal toxicity is acknowledged by mainstream medicine, it may affect more people than many doctors might admit or suspect.

That said, for most of us, heavy metals are likely not a problem. But many who claim to have problems with accumulation of heavy metals in the their body report symptoms such as lethargy, problems concentrating, joint pain, sensitivity to chemicals, bowel/digestive problems, memory problems, fatigue and muscle weakness. Obviously, these symptoms could be the result of many different conditions. However, if you've tried other avenues, incorporating some foods that help to detoxify heavy metals out of your body may not be a bad idea. These can fit within the frame work of your Phase One Diet.

Anything with chlorophyl will work towards removing impurities from the body. Kale, parsley and other greens are great options. Consider juicing to concentrate their effect.

Cilantro falls in to the "greens category", but it is particularly suited for the chelation of heavy metals out of the system. There are many cilantro products available that may aid in your detoxification process.

Found in many fruits, including green apples, pectin has been show to have some benefit for heavy metal chelation.

The sulfur inherent in garlic can aid in the detoxification process.

All of these foods fit within the Phase One framework. One of the best dietary measures you can implement is to avoid foods containing these chemicals in the first place.

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