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A 5 Point Plan for Fool Proof Dieting

Many people who go on the Kaufmann Diet start with the best of intentions only to get tripped up by cravings or circumstance.

Cravings are one thing you can not necessarily escape, particularly if you are used to eating lots of grains, sugar and processed or carb-heavy fare. If you are like most people, your cravings for these kinds of foods will likely be strong, but not insurmountable.

In fact, the more you crave these types of foods, it may be even more likely that you are suffering from a fungal or yeast issue; fungi crave many of the foods that make us gain weight and become unhealthy, like sugar, breads, pasta or other carb-heavy food. People with yeast or fungal problems often crave those same types of foods.

Regardless of whether you suspect fungi to cause your weight gain or other health issues, cravings are unavoidable when giving up sugar.

While cravings are likely to set in, circumstance is something we generally have far more control over. Since we all have a hard enough time controlling cravings, it is important to get into “diet mode” by identifying all the factors that are in our control, and making plans to mitigate both circumstances and cravings.

Pick Your Goal

Maybe your goal is to try Phase One of The Kaufmann Diet for 4 to 6 weeks to find out if it makes you feel better than you ever have, as many claim it does.

Perhaps your goal is to try to find relief from health symptoms that have plagued you for years, or maybe you have decided to try to rid your body of pathogenic yeasts that you suspect might be compromising your health.

Regardless, focusing on your goal will be key maintaining your diet through the inevitable cravings in the initial phase of removing carbohydrates and sugar. Focus on the long term benefits instead of short-term satiation.

Purge Your House

When you begin on Phase One of The Kaufmann Diet, it is important to remove any temptations within your home, office or any place you keep food. These include unhealthy snacks or fare stuffed in the back of the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

It is important to replace those things with foods on your diet. Used to eating chips? Try almonds, walnuts or cashews. If you are used to sweets being around, try fresh berries or green apples. Whatever foods you are used to eating, you can likely find something on the diet that is comparable to replace unhealthy foods with.


Plan Your Week Out

Having a plan to execute leaves far less room for bad decision making when cravings hit; making a weekly menu and sticking to it leaves far less room to cheat on your diet and fewer excuses when you do.

Making your own menu allows you to plan on eating foods you enjoy that are on your diet; knowing what you are going to eat gives you something to look forward to.

Pass On Take Out

In today’s world, purging your phone is as important as purging your fridge, because for many, getting the food you crave is as easy as making a cell phone call or opening an app. While you are beginning The Kaufmann Diet, purge your phone of the numbers of your favorite cheat-food-delivery places, and delete the one-click food take-out apps.

Pack Your Food

Often, it is the times we do not plan for that leave us most vulnerable to eating unhealthy food; food carriers are at far less risk for succumbing to the call of the vending machine.

It is far easier to make good decisions when food on your diet is within arm’s length. Packing your own food may mean investing in a cooler, lunchbox or water bottle, but it is an investment worth making.



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