Jan, 01

New Year, New You, Part 1



It’s that time of year. Make this year count. 

Every year seems to follow some sort of script wherein one overindulges during the holidays, and promptly decides to turn their life (and health) around on January 1st. The New Year marker provides an obvious starting point, or a clean slate of sorts, at least metaphorically. 

What many (if not most) realize on January 1st is that the motivation or zeal for making large (and often uncomfortable) life changes is far less than they imagined it would be. Habits certainly do not cease to be habits on January 1st. Cravings and stressors that precede those cravings do not magically go away on January 1st. Making life change means finally changing habits and resisting cravings. 

It can be a tough road.

Why Should You Make A Change? 

Let’s be honest; when we talk about getting healthy, most of us are talking about losing weight. Most of us want to lose weight because we want to be perceived as attractive, or at least not as fat. Our desire to lose weight is sometimes motivated by somewhat superficial reasons. 

Now, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be attractive, slim, or otherwise fit for aesthetic reasons. There are, perhaps, more pressing reasons to make some serious changes that benefit your life, health, and yes, your waistline: 

– As much as 50% of cancer could be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight.
- Maintaining healthy weight dramatically decreases many of the risk factors for heart disease. 
– Maintaining healthy weight also dramatically reduces the risk of developing diabetes

While these are just three reasons why losing weight carries some heavy benefits (pun intended), they touch on three of the biggest health crises facing our nation today. Heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in the United States, alone. Diabetes affects millions of people, and many experts think that many millions more are pre-diabetic. 


Losing weight via diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle change is about more than fitting into a pair of jeans or looking good in pictures. In the most real sense, you are working to lengthen your life and improve your quality of life. Simply by maintaining a healthy weight, you reduce your risk of contracting very serious disease!

The benefits, however, do not stop there. The benefits of healthy weight loss include:

– Improved hormone balance
– Increased libido 
– Relieved joint pressure/reduction in joint pain
– Increased metabolism and more energy
– Better sleep
– Improved self-image/confidence 

Weight loss is more than vanity; when you decide to lose weight, you are doing yourself far more than a vain favor. You are improving the quality of your life and health. 

So, now you know why choosing this as the year you are going to get healthy and lose some weight. How do you do it? Stay tuned for Part 2!Part 3, Part 4