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We have all been there––wanting to start a diet to lose weight or improve our health, but for some reason, we just feel like we cannot do it. Truly, dietary change is a difficult undertaking and can constitute a massive overhaul of deeply ingrained habits, but the effects of changing your diet can be profound. Conversely, avoiding dietary change can have serious, unwanted health effects.  

This was (and still is) the impetus behind the creation of The Kaufmann Diets. In short, what we eat can and does influence our health in a profound way. To that end, we should all waste no time in making these decisions to change. 

What You Are Risking––Is It Worth It?

While most people accept that diet can influence our physique, our health and our well being, this is still not necessarily a strong enough motivating force to make a significant dietary change. 

It is good to know, however, what you are risking by not starting a diet, such as the Kaufmann Diet. 

If you are eating the standard American diet (acronym: SAD), you are more than likely consuming a type of poison known as a mycotoxin on a regular basis. These poisons contaminate many foods that people eat every day, including grains, corn, sugar, peanuts, soy, and alcohol. 

These poisons are some of the most toxic naturally occurring substances on earth and can contribute to serious health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Yet, our regulatory agencies only screen for a few of these very toxic poisons. 

The good news is, the Kaufmann Diet is designed to mitigate exposure to these poisons, at the benefit of your health now and long-term. Furthermore, if you have any sort of problem with yeast of fungi inside your body, the diet will assist with this, too. 

The bad news is, even if you are not experiencing symptoms now, you could be putting yourself at risk for serious health issues down the road.


Make It Easy On Yourself

If you are a procrastinator and have been putting off changing your diet for some time, you are not alone. Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that can assist in helping you make the leap into a new, healthy way of living. 

Remember the importance of what you are doing. 

It is important to remember that satisfying temporary desires is not as important as your long-term health. Your diet influences your health. Decide to change it now. 

Set a date, and stick to it. 

Do not pick a date next week. Commit to start tomorrow. Remember how important this decision is. Social commitments can be navigated, plans can be changed. Your health should not have to wait. 

Make a plan. 

Make a meal plan. Make a grocery list. Make time to purge your refrigerator and pantry. Buy food carrying equipment. Whatever plan enables you to start your diet immediately is the right plan. 

Do not let small losses keep you from big victories. 

Everyone slips up on the diet. Do not let minor setbacks derail you from the bigger picture. Simply recommit yourself to the diet and move forward.  



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