Jan, 16

The Paleo diet is one of the more popular diets to emerge in recent years. The philosophy behind the Paleo diet is that if we eat in the way that our paleolithic ancestors (i.e., cavemen) ate, we will be eating in a way that is optimized for the way our genes evolved. There are many adherents to this diet who claim that it has helped them lose weight and regain their health.

For all the hype surrounding the diet, there are a few things to know about it, particularly as it relates to the Kaufmann Diet.

You can do a Paleo diet while on the Kaufmann Diet.

Many of the tenants of the Paleo diet and The Kaufmann Diet are very similar. Both diets avoid grains, sugar, processed food, and legumes. Both encourage whole foods that are minimally processed. Both encourage healthy meats, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.

"Paleo" can mean different things depending on who you talk about.

There is no grand-unified Paleo diet theory necessarily, and depending on who you talk to, it can mean different things. There are many different versions of the Paleo diet, and not all of them are in concert with one another.

Ultimately, we can never be completely sure what our ancestors ate. Furthermore, because of modern society and medicine, humans today have an average life expectancy of 2-3 times longer than our caveman ancestors, so determining whether their diet actually promoted health and longevity is a tough thing to ultimately determine. Regardless, there is evidence that supports most forms the paleo diet as being healthy.

The Paleo diet may allow from some foods discouraged on The Kaufmann Diet.

An example is many kinds of fruit, which the Kaufmann Diet restricts. The Paleo diet does not really make the distinction between high sugar fruits and fruits that are lower in sugar.

Another example would be mushrooms, which would ostensibly be perfectly fine on the Paleo diet. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates all forms of fungus on the diet.

The Paleo Diet does not take into account the fungus link to poor health.

There is much evidence that puts fungi and their poisons at the root cause of poor health. This is what the Kaufmann Diet seeks to address; if you address the root cause of many health problems as if it were fungi, often times those health problems disappear.

Ultimately, The Kaufmann Diet is one of the few diets that address this.

Eating "Paleo" can ultimately help towards this end as well, but it is important to keep the tenants of the Kaufmann Diet in mind.


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