Apr, 07

Tobacco Cures Cancer!

 Doug Kaufmann's Official Blog -knowthecause.com An Australian research team has discovered a protein in the pink and white flowering tobacco plant, Nicotania alata. The protein is called called NaD1. No, Nicotania alata isn’t the same tobacco used to make regular cigarettes, but it is a tobacco plant, and tobacco plants have been demonized by researchers for many years. Ironically, tests run by the team at La Troube University on NaD1 showed two relevant discoveries;

1. NaD1 can kill cancer cells
2. NaD1 also kills fungus

MY TAKE: Of course, you now know why this blog was necessary. Yet another in the thousands of studies that show the dual-properties of plants; they kill cancer cells and they kill fungus! This is not at all surprising to me and I hope you are beginning to understand why it is that we eat plants-but only good plants. I’m sure that most unaltered plants have these dual properties. 

I became convinced of the cancer-fungus link decades ago, but the science was new and few scientists agreed with me. Then I met Dr. A. V. Costantini in the 1990’s and carefully studied his work linking fungus to cancer, I became more convinced that cancer had much to do with exposure to fungus! With Know The Cause, my TV show, growing as it has, during filming, I’ve taken many opportunities to make the bold statement that tobacco doesn’t cause cancer. This study seems to confirm that. But I still believe that cigarettes do cause cancer. I believe that cigarettes are much like some of our American food and drug supply. When we humans chemically treat or genetically alter good plants, they can become bad plants. The transition from good to bad might occur in one of three distinct ways; the chemicals are toxic, their composition has been artificially altered, or because alteration has encouraged and enabled mold growth. 

It is exciting to note, however, that in this article, the words, “fungus” and “cancer” are used together! We’re making progress, but why should cancer patients have to wait?



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