Apr, 23



Mushrooms are fungus and fungus causes health problems, no doubt. But they might also fix health problems according to a new study. Some of you may recall the Texas woman, who dropped a tampon out of its applicator two years ago, only to discover that the tampon was covered in a toxic mold. Who looks, right? Cotton is one of the most common mold-contaminated products in the world. It’s right up there with corn and peanuts. I’m convinced that moldy tampons cause Toxic Shock Syndrome…but doctors are not. The new study examined disease-causing fungus on cotton that was reversed with…good fungus!

Did you know that certain fungi are cannibalistic? It’s no wonder that they might help sick people riddled with fungus! They eat themselves! But now we have some interesting data that says that there might be another property in certain GOOD FUNGI that enable them to neutralize the bad, disease-causing fungi.

Just as we now know that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, so also might there be good fungi and bad fungi. When we are born, the milieu of our intestines have both, but no bad guy bacteria or fungus yet…until antibiotics are started, which is far too often the case. Antibiotics change the prerequisites of good health.

This news article spoke of GOOD FUNGUS killing and further inhibiting the growth of BAD DISEASE CAUSING FUNGUS. I have suspected that we would one day be able to “control the uncontrollable” with the same thing, in a kind of “hair of the dog” way, if you will. But should we begin eating fungus?

Here is why this article is so relevant to you and me! If you’re anything like me (you are), and support my antifungal message, at least a dozen friends have asked you about your position on Kombucha Tea or Rieshi Mushroom or any of a host of different yeast and fungal products that have some impressive scientific evidence backing certain health claims.

I’ve always just said, “if I can get the same immune enhancing or cardioprotective (etc…) health benefits from any other health products, without exposing myself to fungus, I will!” And for the time being, I still feel this way, because as I said in the opening sentence, fungus causes health problems, no doubt.



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