Most of our parents never had the many hormonal problems that today’s men and women face! Breast cancer, Low-T, runaway thyroid disease, etc…Why is that? I’ve dedicated some time to this subject in my upcoming book on the subject of fungus causing so many female health problems, but let me summarize my beliefs before that book appears, as they might help many of you.

What are we being exposed to today, that is known to disrupt our hormones and that our parents weren’t exposed to? Mercury, used in dental fillings is a hormone disrupter, but our parents had mercury fillings, too! The estrogenic fungal mycotoxin, zearalenone, is in our corn supply today, but it has been for centuries! So that isn’t the answer, either. Think now…

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a man-made chemical that is used in making plastic, as in plastic water bottles and we are drinking millions of bottles of water these days. BPA is a documented hormone disrupter. Mom and dad drank water from the tap. We don’t. But we don’t drink one bottle of water. We drink many, many bottles of “purified” water from flimsy plastic bottles and those are made with BPA. But, there is another man-made hormone-disrupting chemical that I’m equally concerned about as well.


Yes, mom and dad were exposed to the estrogenic mycotoxin, zearalenone when they ate wheat or corn, and so are we. But, a major pharmaceutical company has synthesized zearalenone and has been feeding it to cattle in the feedlot for at least 40 years. It is called Ralgro, and it is chemically stronger than zearalenone as a hormone growth promoter. It is called an estrogenic mycotoxin because it mimics our own estrogen. Steaks and burgers in the 1950s didn’t have this product in it, but it does now. We are witnessing more male breast cancer these days and we know that increased exposure to estrogen increases both male and female breast cancer rates.

There are many things that our governing agencies defend that I think are dangerous. But here is the good news; we live in America and have the right to say, no, “ I’m not going to eat that! How I wish we, or more importantly our doctors, were taught this information, but that is another blog! If I had estrogen receptive positive (ER+) breast cancer, or even PMS or erratic menses, I’d immediately talk to my doctor about stopping bottled water drinking and I’d stop all dairy products including beef. If within a few months, my hormones were stabilizing, I’d know that one or both of these hormone disrupters was likely “the cause.”