Mar, 24

…and you thought they cared?

Doug Kaufmann Thomson Reuters "MarketScan", is a company that assesses the cost of prescriptive medications. Recently, they stated that the retail price paid by consumers for the 15 top selling brand-name drugs rose more in the past year than they did each of the last five years. 


Mar, 23


Doug Kaufmann A brand new study in The Journal of Pediatrics has baby doctors scratching their heads…but you don’t need to thanks to this important blog.

The journals “somewhat unexpected” results showed that premature infants born in Sweden in the 1970’s are today twice as likely to develop asthma. 

This time, I’m going to let you put your thinking caps on and teach pediatricians and we lay public alike, why these now young adults in Sweden have asthma today. I’ll come back in and comment~
Mar, 14

I Am Sick

Doug Kaufmann I take pride in finding one of the previously unknown concepts of true wellness. But I’ve got to tell you, when it comes to feeling great, last week I met my match.

I jogged 3.2 miles on Friday, worked out over the weekend and watched what I consumed, hoping to avoid feeding fungal parasites. As hard as I’ve tried, however, I simply cannot overcome the pain that I feel in my heart for the great country of Japan. My body is well, but my mind and my heart are not.


Mar, 09

Who Can Make Health Claims?

Doug Kaufmann With the government considering the hiring of 4,000 to 6,000 new FDA agents, it becomes increasingly important that we, the people, not claim that certain supplements or products have medicinal properties, enable healing or cures. They don’t like us making claims that are reserved for chemical drugs. I understand that.


Jan, 21

Fill’er Up!

Doug Kaufmann For 40 years I’ve had to listen to mainstream medicine tell me that fungus cannot cause health problems. At very least they have moved from that posture, erroneous as it is, to this new one; “fungus might cause slight allergic reactions.” Little do they understand the errors of their educational system. 


Jan, 20

Goodbye Tasmanian Devils

Doug Kaufmann According to the article in Scientific America, the lowly Tasmanian Devils are doomed to extinction. Seems they’re suffering from… are you ready? 
Devil Facial Tumor Disease, or DFTD. Who in the world comes up with these names? Remember when all the bats were dying of “white nose syndrome?” It was then discovered that the “white” was a fungus, and then the mystery started. What did cause many millions of bats to die? One website actually said this:


Dec, 22

Multiple Sclerosis

Doug Kaufmann Last week, while shopping in a health food store, a person recognized me and asked if I’d mind one quick question; her sister has had multiple sclerosis for many years and wondered if there isn’t a fungus link to this autoimmune disorder.  I told her that Dr. Dave Holland and I wrote on this very topic many years ago and referenced the article for her.  This article has helped so many people through the years, I thought that I’d place it here and let all of you read it, because it may help more of you. 


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