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A billboard in Phoenix, AZ read, "The Number One Place, For the Number Two Problem!"
And so I was introduced to Scott, the President of a natural constipation relief company called "PoopDoc." He had the attention of every person who drove past that billboard and he had my attention, too!

Scott helped develop a type of Magnesium that, in a word......"works" where others often fail those who have constipation problems. Couple this Magnesium with a tremendous fiber with great herbs in it and you have the complete package that PoopDoc promotes. I can attest that it works so well, because I have referred so many friend to it. I wish I understood it better, but it is helping so many that I could care less if I can explain how it does what it does! Scott understand it and that's enough for me. He and I chatted "off the air" and I promised him that I would air the audio portion of this pod cast on my website, in hopes that those of you who are not constipated would refer family and friend who are! Enjoy!



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