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"Fueling our bodies properly..."  In the field of nutrition, I almost hate those 4 consecutive words today, because everyone's definition of exactly how to do that differs so much.

I have long respected the science that Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman teaches us.  In this podcast, we learn how easy it is to start the new year off right when it comes to getting and feeling better.  The proper fuel extends mileage, so let's consider that as it applies to eating well and living healthier longer!  Welcome to Dr. Anne Louise Gittleman!  Listen and learn!

Show Topics

The Fat Myth
Healthy Fats
Seeds, Nuts, Oils
Eating at restaurants
Virgin Olive Oil
Oil Spray
What we knew then vs what we know now
Low Fat Diet
Ann’s Top 3 Supplements
Ann’s Book “The New Fat Flush Plan”

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