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There are two things that I believe make competent physicians; being sick and recovering without pharmaceutical drugs, or learning about fungal mycotoxins and the role they play in most diseases that we patients suffer from.

In this podcast, we have two physicians who represent both. I've known Dr Trowbridge for decades and met Dr Mitchell perhaps 15 years ago....tthese are longtime friends and I dare to say, they are trendsetters because they know what I learned after returning home form the Vietnam War...I was sick and totally without hope because no doctor understood and no drug would enable my recovery.

I was on my own. Thanks to Dr Mitchell and Dr Trowbridge, we are no longer on our own. Listen, and you may find clues that can liberate you from the shackles of running from doctor to doctor and taking pill after pill.


The Fungus Link Vol 1

Both Doug Kaufmann and David Holland, MD discuss topics such as chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, intestinal disorders, allergies, respiratory illness, “brain fog” syndrome, depression, and chronic skin conditions.  This book includes the assessment of antifungal supplements and antifungal prescriptive drugs as well as the Antifungal program and diets.