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Wherever you are in your journey to better health through the Kaufmann Diet, you may have questions regarding this new way of meal planning and food preparation. From eliminating off-limit foods to coming up with recipes and replacing them with Phase friendly options, to what to cook them in, to how to store your left-over’s, we’ve tried to anticipate some of your questions. We have broken it down into 5 sections to try to help you and your family with the new transition. The first two sections cover recipes for Kaufmann 1 (Formerly Phase One) and Kaufmann 2 (Formerly Phase Two) of the Kaufmann Diet. We have also added a Kids section that is full of recipes that our own children love. Kitchen Tips is there to help you set up a healthier kitchen while the Food in the News is to bring you the latest information. For additional recipes, you can check out our cookbooks Cooking Your Way to Good Health and Eating Your Way to Good Health. We hope you find this information helpful in making your transition to the Kaufmann Diet lifestyle.  {facebookpopup}

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