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Oct, 02

Is breast cancer inherited?

doug-headshot-bw By Alan Cantwell, MD
According to the National Institutes of Health, breast cancer can be hereditary. However, hereditary breast cancer only accounts for 5%-10% of all breast cancer cases involving inherited gene mutations. Hereditary breast cancers often occur in younger women and involve both breasts. However, when the family history is strong for breast cancer, a woman's risk is increased. 


Kyle Drew

Weird Health Questions: Why Do I Stop Losing Weight, Even When I’m Doing Everything Right?

You gotta mix in some variety.
Doug always talks about “rotating” your antifungal supplements. This is where you take, say, oregano oil. After a couple of weeks, you switch to caprylic acid. After a few more weeks, you switch to olive leaf. The specifics aren’t important, but the variety and the change is.



Sep, 26
msmith Somewhat humorously, another talking point in the news has been Mr. Ryan's devotion to the popular exercise programs P90X and Insanity. These high intensity-circuit training programs have helped Mr. Ryan maintain his body fat at between 6-8%, a percentage that is enviable for most men Mr. Ryan's age. Whether, you agree with Mr. Ryan's politics or not, one has to admire his devotion to personal fitness. 


Sep, 18

Web Exclusive, Lyme Disease

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Know The Cause

Lyme Disease
Dr Lee Cowden

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Sep, 17

THE GOOD: When the diagnosis is correctly identified as a bacterial infection, they can and do save lives.

THE BAD: Antibiotics are fungal metabolites called “mycotoxins.”

THE UGLY: According to The American Cancer Society, mycotoxins are capable of causing genetic mutations and cancer.

THE OUTCOME: Antibiotics are capable of killing small organisms in small doses and larger organisms in larger doses.